Tuesday, November 17, 2015

34 Weeks ... and counting down!

Well, the countdown is on.  I'm getting eager to meet our little girl!  With each day that passes, things get a little more real.  However, like with my other two, I don't think it will really hit me until I see her face and she's in my arms.  34 weeks and 6 or less weeks to go. 
We've been busy getting things done around the house.  Both of us are nesting!  Hubby assembled the stroller and put the pack and play together in our bedroom.  He also installed the car seats in our vehicles this past weekend.  Those are the only new pieces we requested, other than a booster high chair.  Everything else has been purchased second hand at garage sales or are being borrowed from friends and family.  I'm really trying to be realistic and simplify with this one.  After the other two, I realize just how little they use that stuff and how much time and money goes into it.
 Hubby painted a second-hand crib from friends and we finished the nursery a couple of months ago.  I let him pick out the bedding, which he found online.  Neither of us really wanted to go with cutesy animal themes and I'm really happy with what he picked out.  The kids painted canvases that matched the nursery and I purchased a few decorative items off of Etsy and at places like Hobby Lobby and Marshall's.  We also purchased a glider second hand.
Hospital bags have been packed for awhile now.  The breast pump and supplies have been purchased.  Bottles have been washed.  The drawers have been filled with burp cloths and bibs.  I washed four loads of second-hand clothing that I purchased at garage sales and thrift stores over the summer.  We are ready for whatever life throws at us.  The rest of the furniture was reused from other areas of our house.
I've still been feeling great.  Other than a five week cold/cough, I've generally been feeling much better than my other pregnancies.  I've had a lot of energy.  I've still been running (inconsistently) through the past month throughout this darn sickness.   I just wish it would go away.
After Sunday's walk/run escapade of fifteen miles throughout the day, my legs were restless at night, I couldn't sleep and it literally felt like I had ran a marathon that day.  All of the same aches and pains and restlessness.  Except I had this big belly controlling how I could contort my body in bed with three different pillows to fall asleep comfortably.  I could hardly walk the next day.  I had so much lower back and ligament pain, that I could barely get to my bus stop yesterday afternoon.  Not sure if I should hang up my running shoes until six weeks postpartum, if I should just be happy with a couple of miles here and there, or if I should just enjoy some time walking on the treadmill.  Colder weather is now unfortunately upon us.  We will see what the next few weeks bring us.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

I may have over-done it today?!?! Maybe.

I'm not sure what was crazier today ... that I ran five miles at 34 weeks pregnant, logged 15+ miles and 32,000+ steps on my Garmin Vivofit ... or that I ran in a tank top!?!?  It was 62 degrees when I checked today.  November 15 in Wisconsin.  Absolutely amazing!!!! And, absolutely beautiful!!!!  I can't say it enough ... I am so thankful that we have been blessed with a beautiful fall.  It has allowed us to enjoy the outdoors and continue to be active through each week and month that passes.
Today started with a coffee day with a client that I've been blessed to cross paths with many times over the past couple of years.  Sara made Little Diva #2 this beautiful blanket.  I can't wait to have her in my arms next month and wrap her up in this.  I have the most amazing clients and can't thank Sara enough for her thoughtfulness and the time that went into this creation.
The day followed with a trip to one of my favorite places in the area - Pheasant Branch Conservancy in Middleton.  There are miles and miles of paved and gravel trail in Middleton.  The trail varies with hills, streams, mini waterfalls, bridges, forest and prairie.  It's absolutely amazing.  We took our dog out with us today for a slow hike and logged about five miles through the Conservancy.  It was so peaceful and there were so many people out today.  We loved it so much, and we didn't want to leave .... but I had to pee .... a few times.  This baby is really doing a number on my bladder these days!
I'm approaching 34 weeks this week and still can't believe I'm moving as much as I am right now.  I realized last night that with Little Diva, that I was put on bed rest two weeks from now and gave birth to her a week later.  Things are right around the corner!!!
There was about another hour of daylight left when we returned home.  Since I had my running clothes on all day, I decided to head out for a quick run for an undetermined amount of miles.  I immediately lost my lightweight jacket and enjoyed my comfortable maternity tank top.  I can't believe I was running outside in a tank top mid-November.  It's insane, really.  I loved it.  I felt pretty great today while I ran.  My bladder continued to be full and I occasionally felt some pressure.  A few knots in my calves, but nothing terrible like I've felt previously.  I ended up winding around my neighborhood a couple of times and finished with about five miles in just over one hour.  It was gorgeous and I arrived home just as the sun was setting.
After, dinner we opted to take the dog for another long walk.  The sky was clear, it was pitch black out (so sad so early!!), but it was still pretty comfortable outside.  We logged a few more miles and I ended the day with over 15 miles on my Garmin Vivofit.  I was sore and waddling the entire time.  I even had to stop and stretch out a few times.  I swear it felt like I ran a marathon today.  The same muscles are strained and sore.  It was a reallllllllly slow walk, but it felt good to keep moving.
I hope we finally tired the dog out today.  I know that I am wiped ... and sore.  I may have over-done it today?!?!  Maybe.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Congratulations on your Half Marathon, Nicky!

I met Nicky and her daughter earlier this year, as they both participated in a nine-week Running Diva Mom mom-and-me couch to 5K class in Sun Prairie.  Sometimes you just bond with people; and I connected with both of them.  Nicky was outgoing and very personable; her daughter was outgoing and always made me laugh - especially her excitement when she showed me all of her new running gear.  Nicky and I kept in touch and she reached out to me earlier this summer regarding training for her first half marathon.  She had tried to train for a half marathon on her own previously, but had gotten injured, and was unable to run her race. 
I worked with Nicky to develop a custom training program around her schedule as a busy mom (with a busy girl!) who also had other interests and activities on her agenda.  So we worked running into her routine, including some long runs.  Nicky ran her first 5K in August and she was a natural.  She ramped up her mileage and completed her first 10K in September.  And, then the grand finale was the Haunted Hustle Half Marathon at the end of October.  I checked in with her weekly this summer and fall to see how her training was going, answer her questions and to make suggestions/modifications.  And, Nicky stayed injury free!
We met for coffee on a Friday afternoon before the race and talked about her training up until that point.  "I feel ready!", she said.  And with that, I knew that this natural runner had all of the experience and training necessary to have a good race - and enjoy herself.  She had run the practice course with a group of runners, which was a little outside of her comfort zone.  Other than our couch to 5K group, Nicky enjoyed all of her solo runs on her own.  But she was very happy to have stepped outside of her comfort zone, met some other runners and familiarized herself with the course (and the hills!).
Later that weekend, Nicky had beautiful weather for her first half marathon.  And she completed her first 13.1 mile journey in style and with a smile on her face.  I had no doubt that she would.  I love that her husband spectated along the course by bike and that her parents pitched in to help out with their busy daughter's schedule, to get her to practice on one side of town, and then rushed to the finish line to cheer her mom on.  It just proves that anything is possible and that if you really want to commit to doing something, that you will find a way.  It's good to have goals.  And it's good to have a plan to help you get there.

Fabletics by Kate Hudson - Salar and Tuberose Running Capri Review

I was ecstatic to hear from Fabletics by Kate Hudson at the end of the summer.  I am contacted daily by companies wanting me to review their products on Running Diva Mom.  After years of testing out products and running gear, I really enjoy it, but can't always take companies up on their offer these days.  Either I am not interested in their products, their gear is not my style or I just am too backlogged on products to review.  At one point I was working with close to fifty companies at once.  With a lot on our plate this year, I've really tried to be selective with which companies I work with and make sure that the product and the timing is right.  
When Fabletics contacted me, I jumped on it.  I had been curious about their running gear.  I had noticed their advertisements and deals on Facebook, other blogs and on Pandora.  I hoped that if I selected a few pairs of running capris that they would be able to grow with me during the last part of my pregnancy.  And that I would be able to enjoy them post-partum.
Let me just say ... these bottoms are fabulous!  I love, love, love them!  I've struggled with a lot of running capris - even before I had a baby belly.  It was very difficult to find the right pair that stayed snug on my waist and didn't slide down.  I struggled with finding the right size ... Were they too small?  Did I purchase too large of a size? 
I ordered two pairs of Fabletics capris in my standard size medium and they fit perfect.  Even through pregnancy.
The first pair that I tried a few times is the Salar Capri (HERE).   These are a nice neutral capri that you can wear for working out or just on the go.  They are available in dozens of colors and fun patterns and soooo many sizes.  Sizes range from XXS to XXL.  I think that the range of sizes is absolutely amazing!!!  Seriously amazing.  You can't always find such a range of sizes in such high quality running gear and in such fun patterns, cuts and detailing.  These capris feature maximum compression, they are moisture-wicking and feature four-way stretch (heck yeah!), a pleasant mid-rise, 20 inch inseam, 88% polyester and 12% spandex.  They are chafe-resistant and I agree.  I can't wait to try them out on some of my longer runs next spring.  They have a hidden pocket for a key or nutrition. 

The comfort band is absolutely the best comfort I've found in running bottoms and my pants aren't moving anywhere.  No tugging or pulling while I walk or run.  The four-way stretch is the best thing ever. 

I also am adoring the Tuberose Capri (HERE).  These are FUN!  These are great for running or yoga.  I love the detail and can't wait to sport these when I'm a little smaller next year.  The black pair that I tried have unique lace detailing on the leg.  They also come in a black/grey combination (without the lace) and the fun, pink/black peak pattern.  These also come in sizes XXS to XXL.  These washed up great - no problems with the lace.  They are fitted through the leg and are slightly looser and the leg.  Fabletics says that they run true to size and I agree.  They are comfortable and not restrictive.  Mid rise.  21 inch inseam.  88% polyester.  Sweat-wicking (great for running or  hot yoga!), all-way stretch, UPF 50+, smooth/soft fabric, internal waistband pocket.  These are also chafe-resistant for your long runs.  The lace didn't annoy me while I ran.  I really would like to get these in the pink/black combination to go with some of my hot pink running tops.  The black pair with lace detail is perfect for running around town in an oversized sweatshirt and messy bun.  Little Diva adored them and wants a pair, too!

Running off the Sugar

On Sunday, I had a wonderful day surrounded by family at a baby shower. This baby is so blessed to have such wonderful family! Since I enjoyed a tasty cupcake at the shower, I had to bring my blood sugar levels back down. I quickly changed into my running gear when I got home and headed out the door for a few miles.
I wish that I could say that I enjoyed my run just as much as the rest of my day. But the 2.5 miles were pretty painful. My calves were on fire once again. And... my miles clocked by slowly. However, it was nice to be able to get outside and enjoy the sunset. I never regret a run, knowing that I am blessed to be able to do this. Approaching 33 weeks, every moment that I'm still pounding the pavement, I take a moment to be thankful for my body and what it's doing for me and baby girl.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

32 week Check Up

I had my 32 week check up today and was surprised when the doctor said that my baby girl has gained a pound over the past two weeks, but the scale said I lost about two pounds.  She said baby is "big" but is measuring ok, since I'm monitoring blood sugar levels four times daily and still being super active.  I attribute all of my activity to the amazing fall weather we have had recently.  And a little self-motivation and determination.  And encouragement from my supportive husband.
I gained about 48 lbs with my second pregnancy and close to that with my first.  My goal for #3 was to stay at or under 30 lbs.  With the recent weight loss, I am now up 21 lbs. 
My doctor was super enthusiastic at my appointment and kept telling me how proud she was of me.  She told me to head out and enjoy the  gorgeous afternoon with a run.  Little did she know that I already got four miles in this morning ...
32 weeks - up 21 lbs

Four Miles with my Four-Legged Friend

I have been hesitant about taking the dog out too much with me on my solo runs lately.  He has A LOT of pull and loves to run and I'm just worried he's going to take me down.  But, today was so beautiful out - perfect morning for a run.  And he gave me that guilty puppy dog face when I put on my running shoes.
We headed out for a few miles around the neighborhood and he did amazing.  I kept him on a short leash near me and he ran right along side me.  Didn't pull after the first .25 mile.  And mama enjoyed all of his pee breaks along the way.  It gave my calves and my bouncing bladder some time to rest.
We ran the first three miles around the neighborhood, met a woman with three other huskies, and stopped home for a potty/water break, then headed back out for a final mile.
I love my crazy, furry running buddy.  He's always so happy after he's gone for a run ... just like his mommy.

Monday, November 2, 2015

80 miles to go ...

I was able to squeeze in one mile with the dog tonight before the early sunset. What a beautiful day in Madison, Wisconsin!! Then, I was forced to finish my final two miles on the treadmill. I'm refusing to run in the dark with Little Diva #2 on board. I can't even recall the last time I was on a treadmill??!!! Maybe in March?! 

I wasn't sure where my baby-belly pace would take me at 32 weeks. But, I started out at 5.5 MPH and increased all the way to a 7.0 MPH at the end. I'm hoping that my body can hold out another 4-5 weeks and allow me to get in 1,000 miles for the year. I have about 80 miles to go ...

Sunday, November 1, 2015

She's Going to Come Out Running ...

She's either going to come out running - or I'm going to have to run in place with her in my arms to soothe her. ‪#‎NoExcuses

10/30/2015 - 31.5 weeks pregnant with #3

Laura and Cheryl are Marathoners

A year ago today, I met Laura at the Womens Running Retreat that I held in Madison, WI. A few months later, I received an email from her. She and her friend wanted to train for their first marathon in 2015. I met with Cheryl and Laura for coffee on Valentine's Day and we hit it off right away. Surrounded by kids, caffeine and lots of ideas - we discussed their goals for the year, including the marathon. I worked with them to develop a training program around their life, ...family (five kids between them), work and other activities and we put a plan in place. We ran together once a month and they followed the custom training program that I laid out for them; running most of the miles together at 5am before their families started their day. In early-October they both ran their first 26.2 mile victory lap together at Lakefront Marathon in Milwaukee. And I was there to see it all. I was so very proud of all that they accomplished - not just the race; but all of those miles that they put in together this summer and fall. Ironically, exactly one year to the day that I first met Laura, the three of us met at a local coffee shop to discuss their race and how it's changed their lives. And in the same ol' Laura/Cheryl fashion - they put in many miles together at the crack of dawn before we met. I received this gorgeous custom RDM cuff bracelet and outfit for Little Diva #2 as a thank you.
But, Laura and Cheryl - I can't thank you enough for allowing me to share this journey with you this year. It has been amazing to work together towards a common goal and help you follow your dreams. I've enjoyed observing your amazing friendship and dedication. And, I am so grateful for our new friendship.

Amazing Fall Weather

Well, we are certainly taking advantage of this AMAZING fall weather in Wisconsin.  I can hardly believe that it is November now ... and that means that baby girl will arrive NEXT MONTH!!  Temperatures are rising again and are expected to reach 70 degrees the next three days.  Hubby and I enjoyed an amazing day outdoors today. 

The dog got out for several walks and he even joined us for a six mile mini-destination run on a trail in Albany.  I am trying to take advantage of all of the daylight and the extra hour today.  My step count was right back up there today, too. 

So thankful for all of this amazing weather we have been blessed with.  I am still amazed that my body is blessing me with the ability to stay this active.  I never imagined that I would be moving this much this late into my pregnancy.  Thankful is an understatement.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Motivational Running Quotes for Women and New Runners

Races are like childbirth.
Your body prepares mentally & physically
for the long journey.
No one can explain
the emotions you'll
feel when you reach
the finish line.
You will forget the pain
and will do it all
over again.

You only get one first race
Forget about everyone else.
This is YOUR race.
YOUR moment.
Take it all in and reflect on all that
you've accomplished to get to this point.
Run your pace.
Run  you race.
There are some people who live
in a dream world,
and there are some who face reality;
and then
there are those who turn one
into the other.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Morning Moments

Anyone who knows Little Dude, knows that he is constant, constant, constant.  He is always thinking and always on the go.  He's loud.  He's chatty.  Sometimes obnoxious.  He doesn't always make the best choices.  But, he's bright.  He's inquisitive.  He thrives off of routine.  The kid doesn't stop until it's time to read at 8:00 and then he crashes no later than 8:30.  After that, he's out - all night.
But, there is a side of Little Dude that not everyone gets the opportunity to see.   Like I do.
My early bird wakes up daily between 5:30-6:00 and comes to visit me.  He crawls on my side of the bed backs up into me and wraps my arms around him.  We cuddle under the covers until the alarm goes off.  No matter how tired I am, I enjoy these thirty minutes far more than any other part of my day.  And as he gets older, I enjoy these precious moments even more.  Especially lately.
He rolls over and touches my face, traces the outline of my profile, runs his fingers through my hair.  And most recently, he puts his hands on both sides of my belly and whispers to his sister.  She's usually awake in the early morning hours and pokes him right back.  He gets a kick out of it and giggles. He whispers random questions to me that pop into his head.  He asks me to scratch his back with my fingernails.  The coffee pot goes off just after 6:00 and the dog wakes up and jumps into our bed, too.  Little Dude sits up and pets the dog over and over and begs the pup for morning kisses.
It's this gentle, quiet side of my son that few rarely see.  I am so thankful for these precious moments that he chooses to share with me.

Hospital Bag - CHECK

One more thing was crossed off of the to do list this past weekend.  My hospital bag was packed for December.  I had to laugh after the whole five minutes it took for me to stuff the suitcase and zip it up. 
Twelve years ago, I packed my first hospital bag, with the impending arrival of Little Diva in December.  I made a list, checked it one, two, three, (more!) times.  I packed cute matching pajamas and comfy socks, I shaved my legs at the hospital, and I remember that I packed tall, black high-heeled boots to wear home with blue jeans and a blouse.  I wore full makeup every day at the hospital and I even packed my hot rollers.  I remember sitting with the newborn near my bed, while I rolled my hair in rollers eight hours after she was born.  The nurse walked in and asked what I was doing and I told her this was my morning routine.  She must have thought, "Man, is this girl's life going to change".  And it did.
On to my third child and a lifestyle change in every which way, I am more comfortable in my skin and more comfortable being ... well, comfortable.  This time, I packed a hairbrush, some elastic hairbands, toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, two pairs of sweatpants, some race shirts, a pair of leggings and some new nursing bras, the baby book.  I made a short list of things to throw in in a pinch:  the camera, chargers, the car seat and yes - my makeup bag for a little touch up.
It literally took me five minutes to throw everything in.
I'm less concerned this time about how I will appear to visitors.  How I will look in pictures.  I just want to be comfortable and content and enjoy those precious moments.  All that matters is that when that little girl looks into my eyes; that she bonds with her mommy, recognizes my voice and feels safe and comfortable in my arms.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Gestational Diabetes

With baby #1, I was diagnosed in September 2003 at 28 weeks with gestational diabetes.  I gained about 40 pounds with that pregnancy.  With baby, #2, the doctor tested me early on in the pregnancy, at 12 weeks.  I was diagnosed in June 2007 with gestational diabetes again.  That pregnancy seemed long, having to manage my blood sugars for 28 weeks.  I gained 46 pounds with baby #2.
With my current pregnancy, I was optimistic.  I have drastically changed my lifestyle over the past decade.  I started moving.  I started running.  And I generally eat a pretty well-balanced diet.  As a runner, I love my carbs.  But, I also eat a tons of fruits and vegetables.  I've run ten marathons since Little Dude was born and have close to fifty half marathons under my belt.
Due to my history, I was tested early on again, around 12 weeks.  My doctor was enthusiastic to report that my blood sugars were very, very good.  At every appointment during the second trimester, she told me to keep running and doing what I'm doing.  During this pregnancy I ran a full marathon as I entered my second trimester and also completed a few half marathons along the way.  I am still running smaller distances and plan to run/walk a 15K this weekend.
Last week, was the milestone 28 week mark, where every pregnant woman tends to complete their glucose tolerance test.  I was excited to get this done and over with and move on to the third trimester.  I downed the sugary, orange drink and showed up at my clinic's lab one hour later to have my blood drawn.  I waited overnight for the results and last Wednesday morning I received an early morning phone call from my doctor's office with the results.  I have gestational diabetes.  Again.
So .... I was deflated.  I cried an ugly cry. I sobbed.  I had a little pity-party for myself for all of five minutes.  It didn't help that my grandfather was passing that week and I spent many emotional hours surrounded by family at the hospital.  Later that night, I would visit him one last time, head downstairs to a breastfeeding class, and then find him later forever sleeping in his hospital bed when I returned.  It was an emotional week.  I have a feeling that I would have cried tears of sadness or tears of joy either way - regardless of the outcome of the glucose tolerance test.  But, I felt like I had lost all control over my body.  I had been in control up until that point. I moved my body and kept up my physical fitness as best I could.  I listened to the doctor.  I've ate pretty well and gained a manageable 22 pounds thus far.  However, the doctor said that there is just something "in" me.  Something in my genetics.  Something that I couldn't "out run".
So here I am.  With gestational diabetes for a third time.
Within the hour, I headed to the grocery store and loaded up my cart with several of my low-carb or no-carb favorites and vegetables, lean turkey meats, eggs, some cheese.  I had always been able to manage gestational diabetes through a balanced low-carb diet.  So, I was taking the bull by the horns and taking control.  Now.
My doctor's office got me in with a dietitian that afternoon and we reviewed a new food plan for me, which includes three meals and three snacks throughout the day.  Honestly, I have been eating so much more protein than I normally do, that I have been skipping my snacks - especially in the evening.  I feel full and satisfied.
I also received a new monitor and was instructed to take my blood sugars four times daily.  Again.  I've been able to manage my numbers within the suggested range.  It's not painful or difficult.  It's just annoying to be on a schedule with yet another thing in my life. 
However ... I know that this little girl will be worth it.  It's only 2 1/2 months - give or take.  It should go away again once I give birth.  Things could be worse.  My baby girl is healthy, growing daily inside of my expanding tummy.  She's healthy.  And I am healthy.  Just because I have gestational diabetes, doesn't mean that I'm not healthy.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Books # 8-13 of 2015

So I was still busy reading this summer.  Since April, I have read five more books.  I slowed way down on my reading once the weather warmed up.  But, now that I'm a commuter by bus a few days a week, I am able to get some extra minutes of reading in each day.  I'm also getting back into my routine of reading for 15-30 minutes before bed.  Even being 26 weeks pregnant, I am sleeping pretty amazing.  Reading really helps me turn my mind off and slow me down and eventually drift off to sleep.
It appears that many of the books I read this summer were movies I've seen or have an interest in seeing.  I love comparing the book to the movie and the movie to the book.  I love getting inside of the character's heads inside of the book and learning details that you don't see or hear on film.  A Scattered Life is something I picked up for dirt cheap in the bargain bin at the book store.  A couple of these were also great gifts I received for Mother's Day and my birthday.  Otherwise, I tend to borrow my books from our local library.  I'm looking forward to reading many more books this fall as the nights turn longer and cooler.
Books 8-13 of 2015 ....

A Scattered Life by Karen McQuestion

The Dog Year by Ann Garvin

Max - a major motion picture
Paper Towns by John Green

American Wife by Taya Kyle
Wild by Cheryl Strayed

Personalized Running Journal by Journal Menu Review & Giveaway

I was contacted by Journal Menu to review a PERSONALIZED running journal and training log.  I love personalization, lists and data.  So, this really intrigued me.  Previously, I always just wrote my mileage on my calendar and added up my miles at the end of each month.  I also tried an online running log for years, but that simply caused more work.  I would write down my mileage on the calendar and then upload and post weeks worth of data into an online training log. 
First, Journal Menu designed a custom cover based on my online presence and Running Diva Mom theme.  You can customize backgrounds, upload images and logos, personalize with your favorite quote or phrase.  Whatever you need to motivate you and identify with your workout and your goals, you can do it.
These journals are offered for different types of activities:  running, yoga, triathlon, general fitness, and just regular day planners.  They already have tons of great themes available online if you decide not to customize a journal for yourself.  These would make great gifts and stocking stuffers for the athlete in your life, too.
Whether your goal is to run or walk your first 5K or train for you 20th marathon, this log will help hold you accountable.  I still keep a paper calendar and this training log is right up my alley.  I love been able to flip through pages and pages of handwritten notes and detail. 
The running log features a great log to track your goals and your progress with each thing you aim to achieve.  There are also sections for weightloss and tracking your body measurements, if you trying to follow a weightloss program as well.
There are also some great tips on stretching and foam rollers - on how to target specific areas of your body.  There are specific training logs for 5K, half marathon and marathon training/programs.
You can write your own journal entries summarizing races you have completed and what you did or didn't like about the course, race day, weather and brag about all of your accomplishments from that event.
The training log itself is filled with motivational quotes and each day outlines what you ate and drank throughout the day, daily weather, your run type and pace.  This is a great way to see how your diet and your environment affect your workout - at a quick glance.
The last portion of the journal includes some great resources:  pace charts, qualifying times for specific distances/races, and of course - personal records for each distance you run.
As a running coach, I can see a lot of new runners getting easily motivated by logging all of their data in the personalized running journal.  These training logs would be easy to jot notes down at your bedside or in your gym bag.  I can also see some very serious runners loving having all of their running history in one place (not just in their head or on the back of race bibs).  I look forward to using my journal more next year, when I have more events and mileage on my agenda.  This will really motivate me in 2016 after our daughter arrives.
One lucky winner will win a
Personalized Running Journal
by Journal Menu
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Enter now though Thursday, October 1

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